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SEO Schaumburg IL: Increase Your Traffic and Exposure

Whether you’re a budding business or a well-established one, search engine optimization Schaumburg IL should be an integral part of your online approach to gaining exposure. To wade through all the noise and be recognized where it counts, a solid SEO Schaumburg IL strategy is critical to the success of your website and ultimately your business. Not playing the SEO game? You can’t afford not to. In a world where Google rules, the proper use of SEO in Schaumburg IL is an irrefutable investment in your web infrastructure, and can therefore make or break the way you lure and retain your target audience. Search algorithms change like the wind these days, leaving you in the dust if you’re not adequately prepared.

Importance of SEO

One need only look at the stats to see how important a strong SEO Schaumburg IL plan of attack really is. Quality content marketing can result in a 2,000 percent increase in traffic and a 40 percent boost in revenue when done right, says Search Engine Journal. And with 70 percent of searchers clicking on organic links (translation: the free SEO portion of your advertising campaign) over the paid ones, you can’t afford not to have a killer Schaumburg IL SEO campaign. Add to that the fact that 75 percent of people don’t even get past the first page of search results, and you’re looking at a pretty slim chance of even getting recognized in the first place. If you ever had a doubt as to how influential Google and his search engine giant friends really are, consider that 100 billion searches happen on Google every month, or 33 million every day.

A Quick Look at Search Engine optimization Schaumburg IL

SEO Schaumburg IL involves optimizing your website for certain keywords and geographic areas that assist you in ranking higher on the major search engines. It’s basically a free from of advertising, also called organic or natural search results. Google places importance on primary search results, ranking web pages and local listings showing the highest relevance to users at any point in time. If it’s free, why do business owners have such a hard time implementing a good SEO strategy? The key is in the content. It can’t be forced, it’s can’t be duplicated and it must have just the right balance of keywords. Many business owners tackle the content writing on their own, believing that they’re saving money. The reality is, hiring a professional copy writer skilled in SEO practices is a must for any business large or small. Another frustration about SEO in Schaumburg IL is that its effects are not immediate. It can take days, weeks, months to see positive results. Who has time to track and research the results? That’s where approaches like PPC come in to help, at the other end of the spectrum.

Organic SEO vs. PPC

SEO in Schaumburg IL allows you to achieve a lot in terms of accuracy and consistency when it comes to everything from your online local directory listings to customization for local-specific regions, points out Entrepreneur. This is an organic approach that doesn’t cost you anything when you think about it in outright capital (even though to implement a solid SEO Schaumburg IL plan you will have to hire an exceptional copy writer for content). PPC marketing, or pay per click marketing, is more akin to traditional advertising wherein you pay a certain amount of money when a user clicks on your link to appear in “sponsored” search results. Just like an SEO plan, these ad campaigns are time-consuming and a hassle to manage if you don’t have the time to devote to them. But both contribute a critical value to gaining and retaining online visibility.

A good blend of SEO and PPC is an indisputable factor in promoting your business. Knowing how to implement it for the results you want is best left to the pros. So give us a ring at (630) 853-8364 or click on the Contact US link below.

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