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Are you wondering what the best Inbound Marketing Chicago agencies Do Differently ?

Do you want to take inbound marketing to the next level ?

1) Research, Analyze, and mine data from your target audience

a) This is the beginning point for any marketing activities. Your company needs to spend as much time as possible on defining the target audience, developing an image, and conducting in-depth conversations with your customers and target audience.

2) Match your message to the specific needs of your target audience

3) Website | Home-Page:

i) The website homepage is the equivalent of a storefront of your business. As you develop you inbound marketing Chicago campaigns, it will also be the number one destination for inbound traffic. Your homepage will become the top entry page, so it’s essential that it will be a reflection of who you are as a business and what you can offer to your prospects (both in copy and design).

4)  Website | Landing Pages:

i) This article from ‘Search Engine Watch’ demonstrates solid tactics for developing the most Effective Website Landing Pages for optimum Inbound marketing Chicago

7 tips for Landing Page Greatness!

5) Company Onsite BLOG

i) This article posted by Michael Hyatt presents fantastic advice for Blogging for Inbound Marketing Chicago

5 Unique Blogging Tips!

6) Social Media Marketing for Inbound Marketing Chicago

Here is our page on Social Media Marketing Chicago:

7) Lead Capture and Call to Action:

Create an extensive list of all the lead capture mechanisms (forms, landing pages, PPC, Social Bookmarks, etc) and all the “lead baits” at your disposal. Marketing Content, Articles, Blogs, demo requests, free trials, free tools, webinar registrations, “contact us” forms and any other vehicle for collecting contact names, or even the “subscribe” button on the blog. This inventory will give you a starting point to evaluate which lead capture mechanism is working and which are not. It will also allow you to tweak and adapt your strategy in an ongoing dynamic basis.

8) Produce unique, quality, well written content and articles that is interesting and compelling to boost your Inbound Marketing Chicago

Here is our blog on Content Marketing Chicago:

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