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The 5 key overall factors for choosing a Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago:

  1. Marketing Needs Analysis
    1. A thorough assessment of what your company needs for it’s digital marketing strategy.
    2. Study your business.
    3. Study your target digital marketing audience in Chicago.
  2. Online Marketing Ability
    1. SEO {Search Engine Optimization}
    2. PPC {Pay-Per Click}
    3. Social Media Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
    1. Strong writing staff
    2. Public relations contacts with journalists and digital resources
    3. PR Placements
  4. Strategy Optimization
    1. Analytics Tracking and Utilization
    2. Call Tracking software
    3. Fine Tune digital marketing Chicago campaigns based upon results tracking
  5. Digital Marketing Chicago Effectiveness / Digital Marketing Chicago Results

An Effective Digital Marketing Campaign in Chicago, IL should build and promote Awareness.

The digital marketing agency should study your your business and your target audience. A professional marketing agency will be able to turn your most interesting news and stories into compelling content that result in traffic, clicks, leads, and sales! This goal is achieved by writing your story in a fresh, unique, and compelling manner. In some cases, Press Releases are an effective part of a powerful digital marketing campaign by having placements in newspapers, blogs, and online publications.

Existing website analytics should be used to optimize the new digital marketing campaign for Chicago, IL clients. By utilizing several platforms the Results of your digital marketing campaign can be measured in the Chicago-land area. Consistent monitoring of these analytical tools are used to track, measure, analyze, tweak, optimize, and improve campaigns in a dynamic and on going basis.

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