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Content marketing Chicago is about providing informational and educational driven content designed to help solve a customer’s or prospect’s pain points, and distributing the content in a manner and in channels that meet a user’s demands, needs, and preferences. The Chicago content marketing agency concept of providing consumers with specific messages that puts their needs, wants and desires before the product, is not new.

It is about clearly understanding the importance of using unique, rich, intelligent & informative material to influence users’ behaviors and drive purchases, sales, and revenues. According to the Content Marketing Chicago Institute, more than 85 percent of B2B and B2C brands use this tactic. Many, however, are flying blind. Digital marketing reported in July that less than half of businesses have a set of formal content marketing strategies. “Putting channel-specific strategies in place, having adequate resources to develop content that marketers will be proud of and utilizing basic program tools, such as editorial calendars, are key for marketers to work on as they fine-tune their content marketing programs,” said IMN Editorial Director Craig Fitzgerald in a company statement.

Creating rich, unique, and compelling content marketing Chicago is not easy or simple. It is highly time intensive: from conducting research and interviews to writing, rewriting, and editing your copy. Also, in a dynamic age of the web, more recent information requires updating and editing of blog posts. respnding to comments, answering questions, and providing insight can take up a lot of time and requires a contstant effort. Often resulting in hours of tweaking, writing, coding, and SEO optimizing. That is why you should consult a professional Chicago Content Marketing Agency: CONTACT US for a FREE CONSULTATION

CONCEPTS for Content Marketing Chicago:

1) Researching — Finding the correct resources, fact checking, finding the right information.

2) Writing – a job not easy for most of us. Writing Rich, Unique, compelling content for content marketing Chicago can be a very tough job.

3) Managing Links — It may not seem daunting, but link management is a manual and daunting task

4) SEO – Search Engine Optimization | You must in today’s digital & web era optimize your Chicago content marketing material.

Great content that can’t be found is of no use, that is why we practice blog post optimization and Chicago content marketing optimization.

Please see our link to our SEO Page for more info regarding Search Engine Optimiation

5) Social Media marketing distribution is also a key facet of distributing your content marketing Chicago campaign.  You need to create a buzz on the web that will encourage people to like, +1, share, and re-tweet your content to the masses. The more your social media marketing can employ a two-way conversation, the better!

6) PR | Public Relations |  Getting Press Coverage

7) Managing Time

8) Collaborating with other writers, editors, and Content marketers in chicago

9) Taking Notes and logging your campaign efforts

10)  Tracking and Measuring | Utilizing Google Analytics and software to track performance of your content marketing Chicago.

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